Water Refilling Station Business: Choose Your Water Refilling Company Wisely

As a professional, the first thing that they have to do is to ask a water sample coming from the site that you intended to put up the business. If it is Maynilad water, then it will not be a big investment because you can use a system without reverse osmosis, water treatment parts but of course you can also use reverse osmosis, now the issue here is that, the company should have discussed the options first in order for you to decide what systems are you going to use,that is the principle of TRANSPARENCY.

Now if you have a deep-well source of water,then they should justify the configuration of the system because every deep-well water water have a different characteristics so it is assumed that systems design may vary. The basic principle of filtration and purification is to come up with a system design based on the quality of water to be treated and UV Water Sterilizer Blog application.the usual scenario if you wanted to put up a water station is that they will immediately offer a pre-designed system with sort of number of stages,oh my GOD,another issue,yan ang nakakalungkot, ginagawa nilang carnabal ang water industry.

They are stressing the concept of The Longer the Stages the better the Quality of UV water sterilizer which is technically irrelevant. The quality of drinking water will be determined by the result of the bacteriological. Physico chemical test conducted by the accredited laboratory of the DOH. Simple, but they are making it complicated by discussing the number of stages na in reality is hindi naman din talaga nila alam.

That is why you guys out there are experiencing problems in your systems na it seems walang katapusan dahil pinaglaruan at pinagpraktisan ng kung sino-sinong technician pretending to be marunong but in reality is just a helper na pinabili ng suka sa tindahan e ayon nagpanggap na, na technician or di kaya naman, ahente na nagtayo ng water company at iyon na. Kaya you guys are really the casualty of those irresponsibilities.

Hindi ko naman nilalahat ang mga water company,there are still plenty of them out there doing their professional work, it is just up to you to decide whom will you choose. If you will ask me kung pano malalaman ang totoong water company o hindi? Just read and understand what I have discussed and reverse osmosis membrane system I am sure you are on the right track. I am not trying to offend anyone, I just care for the innocent victims na wala namang hinangad kungdi makapag negosyo ng maayos gamit ang pinagpagurang puhanan and then they will just be treated unprofessionally, that is really unfair on their part, you are just considering your own benefits.

You should have the social responsibilities of guiding your clients all the way because they are your partners. Orienting them with the systems,about the operation of the business, marketing, training the staffs and owners are the main tasks that you should be doing to your client at hindi yung iniiwan nyo sila sa ere the moment na makuha nyo ang bayad, SHAME ON YOU.

Para sa kaalaman ng lahat, I am the Product Manager of an Import Export company dealing with the distribution of water treatment parts and accessories. We do not sell systems at d kami nag ooffer ng water station package, so hindi ako one sided at wala akong pinapaboran na sino man, I am speaking from a neutral point of view, in fact yung mga client namin na water company na wala sa hulog e binibigyan namin ng seminar in order for them to compete professionally in the market.

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